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Good Shepherd Community Church

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IT'S CHURCH...  Or is it?

One question we hear is, "Gathering Place?  Is that a church?"  The answer is, yes...and no.


What if I told you that Jesus never said He would build a "church?"  It's actually true--please do your own research.  The Greek word that actually became the English word "church" is the word, "Kurakos."  The Greek word that is used in the New Testament referring to the Body of Christ is the word "Ekklesia."  

"Kurakos" (and its variations) mean of or pertaining to the Lord.  It appears twice in the New Testament, once referring to the Lord's Supper (1 Corinthians 11) and the other the Lord's Day (Revelation 1).  The word Ekklesia appears over 100 times in the New Testament.  It wasn't a theological term, but rather it was a legal term, meaning an assembly of called-out ones who would enact legislation on behalf of a leader.  


The Ekklesia Jesus established was never intended to be a building, a style of meeting, or an event that people attend on a specific day of the week.  Jesus meant for His Ekklesia to be a family who would legislate, enact, and carry out His plan on the earth.  You know, like the prayer - on earth as in heaven. 

It is our desire for our gathering to become more of what Jesus intended for His Body.  We are fully aware that we don't have all the answers as to what this means.  Our gatherings may or may not look different from a traditional Sunday morning meeting you're used to.  And they may change from week to week.  We may not even gather on a Sunday, but our plan is to let Abba out of our "religious box" and let Him fulfill His plan in and through us.

Matthew 6:10 teaches us to pray for Abba's will to be done on earth as it is currently being done in heaven.  Our prayer is to establish a gathering where people can come together, worship, host His Presence, experience the glory of heaven as it is in heaven, and be equipped to do the work of ministry.  We desire to host an atmosphere where sickness is healed, lives are restored and hope is released for everyone.  We believe that it is the gospel of the Kingdom that truly changes people, sets captives free, opens blind eyes, and heals the broken hearts on earth as it is in heaven.  


So, are we a church?  In the traditional sense, we are what most people would understand as "church."  We are a group of people who gather to worship God and be empowered to do the work of ministry wherever we go.  But we are not just limiting what God does inside the four walls of a specific building.  Ministry is to be 24/7 and all Believers are to be empowered to minister.  We don't just go to church.  We don't just have church.  We don't just meet in a church.  We are to be the Ekklesia.  


We would love to welcome you into our gathering and walk alongside you as we grow in the grace, love, and peace of Abba, and learn to function in the authority of Ekklesia.


You don't have to dress up or clean up your act to belong here at the  Gathering Place. Just come as you are, and we'll do our best to help you take your next steps in your journey toward knowing God.

We hope you'll join us soon and give us the honor of doing our best to make you feel at home.


Each week Believers gather in one location to worship our Lord, learn of His Kingdom, develop a closer bond with Abba and with fellow Believers. The atmosphere is filled with expectancy as Holy Spirit leads our time together. Rituals and religion are removed while relationship is released.


The early Believers met daily in homes, sharing meals, singing, praising God, studying His Word and praying together.  It was in these gatherings that many miracles took place and faith was birthed for more.  Our Tuesday night gatherings in the Living Room at Gathering Place seek to rekindle what Jesus originally intended for His Family.

We want to invite you to gather with us soon. We'd love to get to know you and join with you as we grow closer to God and to each other.

David & Ruth Heim